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As a non-Indian person delivering yoga classes, I am constantly striving to become more aware of how to be most respectful to this ancient and sacred practice, and ensure that I am able to share the practice in its whole nature, rather than as a simply a form of exercise. I am constantly learning, and welcome any feedback about what I share. 


So the roots of Yoga are ancient, and intrinsically linked with various religions and cultures, including Hinduism and Buddhism. In general, when Yoga is taught in the west without any consideration for its ancient and spiritual roots, with a focus on purely physical exercise, the sacredness of the practice can feel lost. As

Yoga in Sanskrit means to 'yoke' or 'unite', and this can be interpreted in different wat

We are still learning and reading continuously in how to have and teach the most culturally respectful Yoga classes, and will share resources that feel helpful below. 

As always, we welcome amendments to what we write. If anything feels culturally insensitive or misinformed, please feel free to get in touch. We're all learning together, and we think that's what this practice is all about. 

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