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The days are finally here. It is so wonderful to be able to once again gather in person to practice yoga! 

So from January 2021 we will gather in person every Wednesday evening at 6.30pm for a soulful, heart-opening, yoga flow followed by some yin postures and deep relaxation, designed to, after all this time, take you into a brain space, all together, in total LOVE. 

BUT if you can't wait that long- check out our event page for the christmas special on the 16th December!

Yoga mat is required for this! Don't worry if you don't have a traditional yoga mat- many things can make do- a roll mat, small rug, even a couple of towels.

I would also suggest bringing a blanket or at the very least a big jumper and some warm socks to use towards the end and during savasana so we can truly drop in. 

Of course, physical adjustments won't be used (also means sadly no savasana massage), but I will adjust you verbally and you will still smell the sweet scents of essential oil to transport you into another world.

Happy to say, the classes will still be donation-based, and a 20% portion will still be donated to various grassroots charities and organisations.

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