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Private classes are a really wonderful way to start to deepen your yoga practice. We will work together 1:1 on the areas of your practice that entice you, make you leap for joy, that your're curious about, or what you find challenging!

This might be: Advancing your asana practice, meditation, breathwork, philosophy and delving into yoga beyond the poses, relaxation and stress relief, or a combination

You can choose to do a one-off private class to go through some specific techniques or alignment on some key poses, and you will get to keep the recording! 

Equally, you can choose to take a regular private class, in which case we will be able to track your progress closely whether this is in your meditation and breathwork practice, or advancing into arm balances and deeper postures. 

Either way, we will have an initial chat to talk about what your current yoga practice looks like, and what you are working towards, what you would like to work on, what you find hardest (and do that!) and generally work out an action plan to get you into a regular practice that you truly LOVE, and makes you feel whole and good, rather than something you do simply as exercise for your body.

These classes are on a sliding scale, and we can always chat about prices so it can be accessible.

I am also able to offer 6 week scholarship places, if you or someone you know may benefit from delving deeper into their practice for all of the benefits it brings. The scholarship places work especially well for someone that is having trouble physically or mentally and needs a support system or maybe feels that group classes are little much for them at this time. 

Please get in touch with me on to find out more about private classes or if you or someone you know might like to join the 6 week programme free of charge!

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